Remember I said on the Brand X page that I had "been there and done that"?  Terrible cliche, I know, but it's a true story!  I invented ESB after a day of fishing on my native Houghton Lake.  I was fishing with 2 rods rigged identically. On one rod, I was hauling 'em in;  on the other rod, not a  nibble.  After trying everything I could think of to get the slacker rod to produce, a little boatside research showed me the problem.  My bobber was set for 8 feet, but when I dropped my jig at the side of the boat, it hung up at 1 foot.  I tried this experiment a dozen times and not once did my jig descend more than 4 feet.  After carefully checking my line for nicks and knots (and not finding any), I finally noticed the tiny cut that my line had made in the stop bead.  Amazed, I checked out the other old slip bobbers in my tackle box, and found all of them cut.  I knew that there had to be a better way. 

There is.

It's ESB.

The big advantage of ESB is that it has a stop bead that your line won't cut.  Instead of plastic, the ESB stop bead is a highly polished technical glass bead, one that took no small amount of searching to find.  Don't worry, it won't cut your line;  as I said, it's highly polished and smoother than the slippery rocks in a trout stream.  The high polish gives the added bonus of being much smoother than plastic, so it causes less friction against your line and your bait gets to the fish much faster than with an ordinary slip float. The terminal end of the ESB tube is protected by a brass guard.  The ESB body and tube are rigid synthetic materials with no cork or balsa to swell, split, or rot. The body and tube are chemically welded together and will not seperate under any normal (and most abnormal) fishing use.  Add it all up and you have the most reliable, durable, and fastest slip bobber in the world - the Everlasting Slip Bobber!  I'm not guaranteeing that you'll catch more fish; that's up to you, but if you don't, you won't be able to blame it on this slip bobber.  Nothing really lasts forever and I'm not going to try to tell you that ESB will. The paint will eventually wear.  You can break it or lose it.  But I will tell you this:  I fished with my original prototypes for as long as 9 months before losing all of them, but I never wore them out.

See for yourself the difference ESB can make in your success rate! You won't believe a slip bobber can mean that much, until you try it!

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