The guys below are sport fishing professionals. They make a living catching fish and teaching other people to catch fish, and you won't find tackle that doesn't work in their gear. All of them use and endorse the Everlasting Slip Bobber - see what they have to say about it! And if you're looking for a fine fishing experience, visit their sites and book a trip. The rates are good and the fishin's great!

Andy Couch

Greg Yarbrough

Captain Rich Bay

Name: Andy Couch
Business: Owner/Guide, Fishtale River Guides
Location: Little Susitna River, Alaska

Name: Capt. Greg Yarbrough
Business: Owner, On The Hook Sportfishing, Inc.
PWT Professional Walleye Fisherman
2005 Grand National Walleye Cup Co-Champion
Location: Port Clinton, Ohio

Name: Capt. Rich Bay
Business: Owner/Guide, Kick'n Bass Guide Service
Location: Kentucky & Barkley Lakes, Kentucky


Andy Couch can not remember a time when he did not like to fish. Andy learned from his Dad at a young age and has been sharing that knowledge and other skills he has learned ever since.

Andy has been guiding salmon fishermen for 20 years and still gets too excited to sleep the night before his first trip of the season.

Andy has written fishing articles for Alaska Outdoors, Fish Alaska, and Alaska Magazines and taught several salmon fishing classes and seminars. He has tied his own flies, built custom fishing rods, and makes spinners for use on his salmon charters.

Mr. Couch has helped introduce several techniques now used by many professional guides and private anglers fishing Alaska's Little Susitna River. Drifting bait below slip bobbers for silver or coho salmon is one of those techinques that has blossomed into an extremely fun, exciting, and popular way to catch big salmon on Little Susitna River.


"During my years guiding salmon anglers my guests and I have drifted salmon roe under many different brands and models of floats or slip bobbers. Some of these bobbers have supposedly been designed specificly for salmon and steelhead fishing in rivers, and look similar to ESB Bobbers, however, ESB Bobbers have proven to be considerably more durable and functionable. While ESBs may cost a little more than lower quality bobbers, ESBs are a much better value, because they continue to work well long after lower quality bobbers have either broken apart or become worn and quit working.

I also appreciate the fact that ESBs come in 4 different color patterns, because when several guests are drifting bobbers behind my boat it makes it easier for them to identify which bobber is their own when they look away for a moment and then look back. Certain color patterns also show up better under different lighting conditions, so that is another advantage to having a variety of colors.

For drifting baits long distances I've always liked the visibility of a large bobber like the size 6 ESB, however when water is extremely low and clear, or when salmon are finicky and biting lightly using smaller bobbers, with less water resistance, sometimes increases the number of fish hooked."

Fishtale River Guides


Phone: Toll Free 1-800-376-3625
In the Mat-Su Valley 376-3687
P.O. Box 155
Palmer, AK 99645



Greg was born in Gibraltar, Michigan in 1968. Gibraltar is a small community in southern Michigan located in Southeastern portion of the state on the Detroit River where it flows into Lake Erie. He acquired his first boat at the age of twelve and has been fishing ever since.

Greg has been participating in walleye tournaments since 1996. He started on circuits such as the Michigan Walleye Tour, USFA Pro Team Walleye Events, and MWC Team Circuit and has in recent years since 1999 focused primarily on the two largest professional walleye circuits, which are the PWT (Professional Walleye Trail) and the RCL Walleye Circuit.

He has just recently acquired his captain’s license to charter fishing and hunting trips from the United States Coast Guard. This has been a longtime dream of Greg’s to guide people for fish and fowl. Greg’s goal is to be able to pass on the knowledge that he has been so blessed to learn over the years on to somebody else who is ready to learn more about fishing or hunting. During his travel each and every season he strives to promote those who work towards common goals in promoting the outdoor industry as a whole.


“ESB bobbers are just what they stand for, (Everlasting Slip Bobber). These bobbers are bulletproof. I have used many of the competitor’s bobbers on the market and have had good success with them to a certain point then they become cut or grooved by the line wear on the tip and bottom end of the float shaft. That will not happen with ESB bobbers due to the ESB glass stop bead on the top of the shaft and the brass terminal end on the bottom. The high visibility fluorescent colors are very helpful in being able to watch your spread of bobbers in all weather conditions. These are by far the best bobbers I have ever fished.”



About Rich Bay

My greatest satisfaction is seeing happy fishermen and women with a big smile on his or her face. After 20+ years as a fireman I was blessed enough to retire to my favorite place in the world, Kentucky Lake. Following in my Grandfathers footsteps as a fishing guide is a dream I’ve had since I was a boy and now I’m living my dream!!!

I'm on the water a lot whether guiding or not, searching for those special areas that attract game fish and finding out the best baits and patterns that work here on Kentucky Lake. I am in the fishing business to pass on things I have learned to you, the angler. Not only will I put you where the fish are, but I will also teach you how and where to use lures and techniques that you may have only read about.


I have been using the ESB bobbers for going on 5 years now. I have tried others but the ESB's are far superior to any other bobber that I've tried. As long as your line doesn't break these bobbers just keep on working. Many of my customers ask where to purchase these and pick some up right after our trip. Give them a'll never use another brand.


Kick'n Bass Guide Service


Kick'n Bass Guide Service
Mail: Captain Rich Bay
78 Michaels Way
Benton, Ky. 42025
Cell: (270)205-7603


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