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It was past time to clean up the ol' site, so this page is now the entry for all of the fishing pictures I have. As in the past, click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo and use your back button to return here. Links to the other photo galleries are provided below.

This 9 lb. hen was one of the finest steelies I have ever caught. She was out of the water about 8 times and took 25 minutes to land. It's fish like these that keep me coming back for more every spring. 2007.

9 lb. steely

This next series is shown full size, because there is a good story behind it. Read on.

My long time best friend Harvey has pursued steelheading with a dogged determination for the past several years, despite not having much to show for it. Worse, he's watched me catch lots of fish in that time. This year, even though he had a very recent and painful surgery, he wanted to go again. We made several trips, trying some new areas, to no avail. On March 27, 2009 (a very cloudy, windy, and COLD day), we tried the favorite spot and hooked zip. Disgusted, we traveled to Foote Dam and even tried combat fishing (I HATE that!) - nada. A very hard day of fishing with nothing to show for it.

On March 28, 2009, Ryan was going to be home from college and said he wanted to go steelheading. March 28 dawned as a bright, sunny day; Ryan didn't roll out of bed until after 9:00 am - unfortunately, fishing doesn't seem to be very important now that he's a college man. He said, "it's probably too late now, huh Dad?" I said,"no we can go if you want". He did, and we finally made it to the river at about 11:30. Harvey was exhausted from our fruitless day and his surgery, so he didn't go. Six hours later, we returned with the limit pictured at right.

Limit of rainbows

Ryan decided that Harvey was cursed, and that to break the curse he had to be slapped with a steelhead. Harvey was sleeping when we returned; as I said, he was exhausted from the previous day. We broke into his house and performed the ritual, pictured below.

steelhead blessing

steelhead blessing

And......it worked!!! On March 30, 2009, Harvey and I went back to the river and he got this nice limit of males! The biggest was 8 lbs. I only got a couple of skippers.

Harvey's limit

Harvey's limit

All in all, 2009 has been a fantastic fishing year so far! Steehead season was far better than the previous 2 years, and Houghton Lake was giving up limits of slab panfish and walleyes in the spring. Walleye fishing has continued to be very good into July. At left is another best friend, Mike, with a 23" walleye he caught fishing with me in May.

A fantastic day of crappie fishing from June, 2009! Actually, "day" is not the right word - it only took me 2 hours to bring in the limit pictured. Three of these fish were 11" - all the rest were 12 and 13 inchers, with two 14 inchers. For perspective, the walleye at bottom right is just 15".

Big crappies

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